Pūrṇatā Gauravāya

The motto of the University is chosen from Sanskrit poet Kālidāsa's famous work Meghadūtam. It explicitly focuses on the attainment of completeness and excellence. It also speaks of the vision and idealism for which the University is established.


Excellence in quality is the need of any organization and Shree Somnath Sanskrit University is no exception. To survive in the competitive world of today and tomorrow, we focus on quality. Quality is a journey not the destination.


  • Widespread progress, growth & development of Sanskrit language & literature
  • Strengthen and encourage Vedic knowledge, traditional learning keeping pace with modern trends.
  • Nation building through Yogya Nāgarika Nirmāṇa
  • Developing Knowledge Community
  • Optimum use of Technology
  • Easy access for girls and weaker section
  • Through the medium of quality education, the University aims to generate employment opportunities to meet new challenges, to give importance to research work, providing facilities for the study of Sanskrit
  • To introduce professional courses and to integrate them with modern Science