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  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)
  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)
  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)
  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)
  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)
  • NAAC Accredited With A+ Grade(CGPA 3.42)

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  • The Student Start-up & Innovation Policy (SSIP) is a first-of-its-kind policy in the country that shall create a much-needed Innovation and Pre-incubation Ecosystem Support for Students (IPIES) across the state
  • Harnessing the creative potential of young students across universities and educational institutions is also necessary to generate an entrepreneurial model of inclusive development
  • The Student Start-up & Innovation Policy hence aims at ensuring that the students across all educational institutes of Gujarat get a conductive environment to solve problems and create ideas and opportunities.
  • Students convert ideas into opportunities, that later can be supported as start-ups through various existing institutional mechanisms.


  • Developing Innovation & Pre-incubation Ecosystem Support (IPIES) for students
  • Creating environment for creativity
  • Build internal capacity of educational institutions and key components of the innovation ecosystem
  • Create pathways for mind to market by harnessing and handholding projects/research/ innovation/ ideas of students in Gujarat
  • Creating and facilitating sect oral and regional innovation efforts in state
  • Create a common platform to showcase, support and upscale innovations
  • Leverage public system initiatives at state and central level, academia, industries

In order to achieve the above objectives, the SSIP cell supports the applicant in the following way

  • Interventions at University level
  • Interventions at academic level
  • Prototyping support
  • Patent support
  • Activities, events, mentoring, workshop, seminar, common institute-level facility, etc.

SSIP @ Shree Somnath Sanskrit University


        Shree Somnath Sanskrit University received SSIP Grant (University) Phase-IX for year 2021-2022. As a part of this SSSU organize various activities under SSIP. These activities include developing Innovation center and pre-incubation process, conducting awareness and sensitization programs, participating in workshops, providing mentoring support, etc. The major focus will be on funding innovative projects for development of PoC (Proof of Concept) and prototype as well as filing patents.


Applications received are presented to University Level SSIP Committee. The committee for the review of the idea/innovation is formed according to the guideline given by SSIP Government of Gujarat. University Level SSIP Committee consists of academic, industrial, IPR and Start-up experts and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of SSSU. Review of application is done in two stages.
In the first stage applications are shortlisted on basis of details mentioned in application form. In the second stage, innovators of these shortlisted applications are invited for presentation and discussion

Important Links for SSIP-

  • Apply for Financial Support for Start-up under SSIP Download
  • Guidelines for utilization of Grant at university Level Under student start-up and Innovation policy (SSIP) Download
  • Government Resolution for SSIP Download
  • Policy for IPIES for the Student of the state of Gujarat (2017-2021) Download

Other information regarding SSIP :

For any Query regarding SSIP, you may contact to –

SSIP Coordinator

Shree Somnath Sanskrit University,

Rajendra Bhuvan Raod, Veraval-362266

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.